Marijuana Shows Early Promise in Being a Mode of Treating Cancer

Marijuana Shows Early Promise in Being a Mode of Treating Cancer


Medical researchers might well be scratching on the surface of the medical potential that cannabis carries with them, but some big things are indeed taking place in the field of legal marijuana.

In America, the state of Oklahoma has given their approval towards a measure of medical cannabis on their ballot in June, hence going on to become the 30th state to give the green signal to medical pot.

On the other hand, the Canadian Parliament had the Cannabis Act officially on 19th June and Justin Trudeau; the Prime Minister has marked up an official date for the launch of sales, like that of 17th October. When it is made legal, the Cannabis industry of Canada could well look at an annual increase in revenue of up to $5 billion per year.

The amount of focus that legalizing marijuana has got all through different regions in North America; one might well overlook the promise and potential which marijuana along with cannabinoids have displayed on the medical line.

Cannabis very recently has got a significant victory from the Food and Drug Administration in the US. On 25th June, GW Pharmaceuticals, who is a cannabinoid drug (CBD) developer in UK, had announced that the FDA had gone on to approve their oral solution, Epidiolex that is based on cannabinoid, as a method through which two rare kinds of childhood epilepsy, Dravet Syndrome, and Lennox-Gas taut syndrome can be treated.

The next thing which is on everyone’s minds is whether cannabis can treat cancer. A recent study found that CBD might well improve the effectiveness through which, pancreatic cancer can be processed along with chemotherapy, which is known as Gemzar.

After having conducted thorough research, they found that one who had received a combination of CBM with Gemzar had lived three times longer than those who had received only chemotherapy.

No real concrete conclusion can be drawn out of the experiment, until and unless further research and tests get conducted.

Still, there is an early indication with the promise that this data provides, should make the enthusiasts of cannabis even more excited about the potential they have medically.

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