The Chipmaker of iPhone, TSMC Looks to Make a Full Recovery after Having Suffered Virus Attack

The Chipmaker of iPhone, TSMC Looks to Make a Full Recovery after Having Suffered Virus Attack


TSMC or Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co that manufactures chips for iPhone along with other devices, is making its recovery from a computer virus that had made things really weak, still they have warned about the fact that there could be a delay in shipments, leading to a reduction in revenue as a result of the impact on their factories.

TSMC went on to say that 80 percent of the fabricated types of equipment that had got affected by the outbreak of Virus on Friday evening, had been put back in order and they expect to make a complete recovery on Monday. The company from Taiwan also said that the incident, which comes up as they try to increase their chip making for Apple’s next lot of iPhones, will result in delaying shipment but did not specify exactly which type of customers would get affected. The shares of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co had gone down by more than 1 percent in Taipei.

The largest company of Taiwan had blamed the infection, which had happened as a result of a mistake done while installing software and that had spread through the network. As per their estimates, the revenue for the third quarter would be cut down by nearly 3 percent from the forecast that they had made previously, ranging within $8.45 billion to $8.55 billion. On the other hand, they expect the gross margin to drop by nearly 1 percentage point. They have maintained their forecast made for this year of getting revenue boosted by a high single-digit figure regarding US dollars.

The incident has undermined the trend of the technology supply chain on a global basis, where companies like Qualcomm Inc. and Apple mainly depend upon hundreds of suppliers all around the world. For the very first time, a virus could bring down the facility of TSMC. The company confirmed that there was no compromise of any confidential information in the virus attack.

The company’s Chief Financial Officer has stated that TSMC has taken appropriate actions to narrow the security gap and tighten the security measures that are already in place.

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