The User Interface of Google’s Speech Input is getting a Makeover

The User Interface of Google’s Speech Input is getting a Makeover


We see that the interface of speech inputs that are seen in apps like Google Play Store and YouTube has not got upgraded for quite some time. As far as we remember, the revision had taken place when Google had come up with their new logo by getting their old logo replaced. Now, the company is putting to test a user interface that is material based, which is supposed to be far better matched for modern aesthetics maintained by Android.

In comparison to the previous popup, the current one is a lot taller and also to some extent, brighter in color. The icon of the microphone as well as the circle that surrounds it has become larger and the blue filling that the circle has happened to be a perfect fit for the accent color that got introduced with the Pixels of first-gen. So, unfortunately, the color does not match the turquoise accents any longer that was visible on pre-8.1 Oreo phones. The ‘Try saying something’ currently exists in Product Sans and it has exchanged its place with the Google logo.

The new User Interface is much functional. Once a person finishes speaking, the popup would now display whatever he or she has said. The icon of the microphone would also get switched over to a checkmark, turning green along with the border of the circle. In case, anyone’s device has been unable to pick up what was said, then the border of the circle would be red, and a new button was saying ‘Try again’ would appear.

There is no surety as to which application controls the user interface for the speech input. Either the control is done through the Google app or the Google Play service. For one person, this was already on his Pixel 2 XL and Pixel XL when he had checked out, but on the Moto G5S Plus, it had come up only after getting quite many applications updated.

The new User Interface seems to appear for quite many people, but still, there are some, who have not yet got the view of the new framework.

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