Hoffmaster Group Acquires Aardvark, the US Manufacturer of Paper Straws, Following Massive Demand

Hoffmaster Group Acquires Aardvark, the US Manufacturer of Paper Straws, Following Massive Demand


It has made it to the news that many states, organizations, and groups are leaving the use of plastic straws. The move, taken to fight the environmental hazards caused by the plastic use, is considered one of the biggest in the history of the US economy. This had triggered a massive demand for alternative products such as paper straws. Now, according to the latest report, Aardvark — the only US manufacturer of paper straws — has been acquired by Hoffmaster Group. This acquisition was made to meet the massive demands of paper straws. The straw-maker was finding it difficult to produce such a huge amount paper straw.

Hoffmaster Group believes that the company would be able to boost the capacity and supply of Aardvark in the upcoming months. This would get Aardvark to a position where it can fulfill the paper-straw needs from across the country. In the previous year, many cities and brands have decided to discourage the use of straw from plastic and instead go for alternatives like paper straws. Aardvark, for one, has discussed with many such brands to see a co-operation is possible. With many companies like Starbucks and American Airlines leaving plastic straws, the paper-straw market has a huge future for sure.

Through the acquisition, Hoffmaster Group will be able to boost the resources available to the manufacturing process at Aardvark. This would increase the production rates as a massive level, which is good for the growth of the company. There will also be deals that try to collaborate with other companies leaving plastic straws due to environmental concerns. Hoffman would be trying to improve the manufacturing sector only, and it does not want to make changes to the design or basics of the paper straw. Aardvark paper straws were made available in 2007, as a part of the anti-plastic initiative.

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