Not Many People Are Buying Products via Amazon Alexa

Not Many People Are Buying Products via Amazon Alexa


There are many things voice commands in Amazon Alexa can do, you know. Because the whole system has been linked to the Amazon account of the customer, Alexa also lets you order products online from the big shopper. However, the recent reports say that not many people are using Alexa to purchase products from its online store. According to the new report, only a negligible percentage of Alexa users are interested when it comes to buying something via voice alone. Even those who purchase products via Alexa are keeping the selection restricted to a few categories. Some internal sources revealed these details.

According to these sources, only 2% of the global Alexa user-base are relying on Alexa devices for purchasing things from the online store. It should be noted that the user-base is constituted by many devices that are powered by Amazon Alexa — not just Echo and Echo Dot. Going deep into the analysis, these people do not try all the products when it comes to purchasing. Household supplies are one of the very few categories that Alexa users purchase products from, using their ones. The insider sources also reveal some details about the frequency.

As it happens, people who try to order products via Alexa do not come back to work the process again. It should be noted that the online ordering is touted as one of the notable features of the smart assistant. However, it does not mean that Amazon cannot fix this. As far as the reasons go, the reason why most people do not purchase significant products via Alexa is that they cannot make the proper decision. Simply saying “Buy a TV” will not be the ideal choice for most customers. That was having said, and most people are okay with saying “Buy a piece of the paper towel” and will be satisfied with the product as well.

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