Google Launches Cameos, a Question-Answer App for Celebrities

Google Launches Cameos, a Question-Answer App for Celebrities


Google has launched a brand-new app for iOS users out there. However, not all users will be able to use the app much — unless they are being searched for on the web. Cameos, the brand new app, made for famous beings on the internet. This includes celebrities, influencers and other important people on the web. These famous people can use Cameos to answer questions about themselves, in the form of video. These answers can directly be shared via Google as well. Now, when a typical user searches the same question on Google, they will be able to see the video-based answer.

Cameos is not a standalone app from Google, per se. It’s based on a feature that the search giant did introduce two years back — Posts on Google. This feature had allowed celebrities, influencers and also local businesses to answer questions about them and add updates. For instance, if you own a local business, you’ll be able to post updates about an upcoming event or something. This feature used to allow rich content posts to be made. However, with Cameos, Google is focusing on improving the collection of video updates. At this point, Cameos is an invite-based system.

This is how Cameos is going to work. If you are celebrities and have been invited to the app, you can find questions that most people ask on the web about you. Then, the celebrities can answer the question in the form of a quick video and update it. All these videos will be displayed on the search results page when someone asks the same question on the web. The feature would help hundreds of users who have questions about their favorite celebrities and influencers. As of now, the app is available for iPhone, and there are no details about the Android version.

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