Mechanic Steals Airplane from Sea-Tac Airport and Crashes It After Unauthorized Take-Off

Mechanic Steals Airplane from Sea-Tac Airport and Crashes It After Unauthorized Take-Off


Officials at the Seattle-Tacoma airport were surprised when a suicidal mechanic stole an aircraft and did an unauthorized take-off — ending up in a crash. The plane was taken off from the Sea-Tac airport, crashed in a nearby island. The incident happened on Friday, alerting not just the airport officials but also other law enforcement agencies. The airport officials confirmed right away that it is not an act of terrorism but another thing. The aircraft belonged to Horizon, which is the regional carrier of Alaska Airlines. There was no crew or passengers in the plane during the crash.

According to an official statement from Horizon Air, the issue was caused by a single Horizon Air employee, who performed an unauthorized take-off. The spokesperson also added that there were no passengers or crew on the airplane. F-15 had made contact with the stolen plane. However, it was not able to make the rogue pilot land somewhere else. Instead, the aircraft crashed onto the Keatron Island, located in South Tacoma. Horizon Air said that their hearts are with the families of the individual onboard and other people who may have been affected by the issue.

According to the statement from the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, the rogue pilot is a suicidal male. 29 years of age, he is a resident of Pierce County itself. During the pilot’s interaction with the ATC, he was being called ‘Richard’ and ‘Rich.’ After the take-off, the pilot was concerned about the amount of fuel left in the aircraft. He added that more fuel was burned than he had expected. When the pilot was asked to land the plane at the Joint Base Lewis–McChord Air Force Base, he was worried that the authorities would poorly treat him. After a couple of interaction, the aircraft took a nosedive and crashed near the island.

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