FDA Is Expanding the Recall of Valsartan Drug Due to Cancer Concerns

FDA Is Expanding the Recall of Valsartan Drug Due to Cancer Concerns


A few weeks back, the Food and Drug Administration had started recalling a few drugs that contain valsartan — due to the possible concerns of cancer. This component is mostly found in medicines that are used to cure many issues like blood pressure levels and heart failure. However, according to the latest report, FDA is expanding the recall product, including more drugs that contain the valsartan component. New products that contain valsartan are added to the list. For instance, a valsartan product that is developed by Hetero Labs is in the to-be-recalled list. The decision is based on the test, which showed the products mentioned above are contaminated.

The initial announcement regarding the recall came out in July 2018, when the FDA testing found out that a few drugs that contain valsartan can cause cancer concerns. After that, some drugs were called, similar to what some 22 other countries did regarding valsartan. However, with the new announcement, a few more drugs have been added to the bad list. It should be noted, still, that not all medicines that contain valsartan are affected by the recall. As of 8th of August 2018, products from 11 companies have been recalled by the FDA.

To make things clear, the FDA has also published the list of drugs that are not recalled despite containing the component valsartan. This is done because the agency is now recalling drugs that contain a harmful component named NDMA. So, consumers who are prescribed with valsartan drugs should confirm whether the FDA has recalled the particular drug or not. The agency said that they are working with many drug manufacturers regarding the recall process and the destructive nature of the drugs. Talking about the issue, an American Heart Association representative said that people should stop self-medication and instead visit experts before jumping into conclusions.

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