Fortnite's Decision to Bypass Google Play Would Cost Google $50 Million Minimum

Fortnite’s Decision to Bypass Google Play Would Cost Google $50 Million Minimum


Last week, there were reports that Fortnite would not be using Play Store for distributing its popular battle royale game via Android. Instead, the company announced, it will be using the official website of Epic Games. The company did this to save a huge amount of money, which would otherwise be paid as the fee to Google Play Store. Fortnite’s incredible popularity was one of the primary reasons for the decisions. As per the latest reports, however, Google Inc. would be facing a loss of at least $50 Million in the 2018 year due to this decision.

This has added another problem to the list of issues Google would be worried. First of all, by making the game available from a source other than Play Store, Epic Games is forcing Android users to override some security settings set default by Android. For instance, by default, Android doesn’t allow the installation of apps from non-Play Store sources. However, to install Fortnite from the official website, this has to change. Apart from this, Google is going to miss all the commission it would have gotten via IAPs in the battle royale game when it’s to be launched.

The move by Fortnite is also going to cause some problems in the long run. First, other developers — popular ones, especially — may try to follow the same technique of bypassing Play Store and earning more. Second, the overall security of Android users who install Fortnite may be compromised, although level by level. Most importantly, Play Store is missing out a game that a huge number of people are searching. As of now, the tech giant is showing that ‘Fornite is not available on Google Play’ message when someone searches for the term Fortnite. And $50 Million isn’t a small amount for Play Store.

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