Is Bethesda Making an Attempt to Stop People From Selling Those Games That Have Been Used?

Is Bethesda Making an Attempt to Stop People From Selling Those Games That Have Been Used?


Bethesda is most probably on a crackdown mode, where it is trying to stop all those online merchants, who sell games that have been reused. This is as per the report revealed by Polygon.

Selling of used titles is legal, and they remain protected by something known as the First Sale Doctrine.

Now, the question is, exactly why do gamers sell off their used games? Polygon has made a note of the fact that many gamers tend to sell their games for many reasons. One of them is that the games could be finished by the players, which are meant to be played at one go, without any break or interruption. Another common reason is that the gamers could be looking to save the games up and buy out a brand new title for the games.

Now, Bethesda might well look to put an end to this practice, one and for all. The company had recently issued a notice to a minimum of one of those resellers on the platform of Amazon, who was attempting to sell a used copy of the game titled, The Evil Within 2. Bethesda demanded that the seller must remove the listing and also came up with the note that they are sending out similar kinds of notices to multiple merchants, involved in the same business. Ryan Hupp, who was the seller, had told Polygon that he had purchased the game but did not ever try to take the game out of its original wrapper. He even went on to say that he was planning to get hold of a PlayStation 4, but instead of spending money on that, he had used the money towards making an upgrade to the gaming PC.

Is getting games resold, really a bad option. Bethesda still needs to comment on this, but their attempt towards a crackdown on all resellers suggest that they are trying to put an end to the practice, which has been going on for a long time, thereby helping to keep the industry of video games intact.

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