Treating teen depression might improve the mental health of parents as well

Treating teen depression might improve the mental health of parents as well


I don’t know why parents forget that their child is of the 21st century, they can catch up every action and emotions of their parents in their day to day life. Earlier children’s at the age of 5 at least we’re not catching up their parent’s mood or behavior, but today this generation kids are so smart enough to set their thoughts about their surroundings people just by their behavior with them since childhood. As far we all know and have seen a child gives us back what we serve them, a child’s mind is a fresh mind to input all good qualities in it. Yes, of course, it depends upon parent’s what they like to feed in their mind.

Children’s are always 50% different from their parents, but other 50% still goes around in their blood, which mix match both feelings and emotions of their own and serve 100% to them back. Youth is 50% of his/her choice, and more 50% is of his/her parent’s creation. So, we as parents should always try to give our 50% so well that even their 50% cannot harm anybody. A child always loves to live freely in today’s date but still, there is 80% family over the world who stays together happily in 1 family and enjoy being with each other, this is only possible when both elders and juniors manage and work together with double dignity. If a child gets a disturbance in their surroundings or family, they will for sure get reserved or either get depressed and choose a wrong path. This is a high time sit with your children and spend time with them, be their so close friends that they do not go out to find any friends to share things, yes they can make friends to enjoy life have fun, but they should always have a protective guardian to feel free.

Nowadays why there are 1000 cases for teen’s depression or parent’s depression, it’s just because sometimes- a child fails to understand their parent’s view and needs. Sometimes parents fail to understand their children, this is natural not so to get dangerous for, but yes this gap should need to be filled up soon with lots of love, care, support and most importantly a right understanding mind for both generation people to tackle their distance calmly and happily. Communication between parents and children should always give priority. They should at least take out 3 hours in a day to sit together and discuss their whole day plan.

This makes a child feel safe and secure to set his/her mind that someone is there to ask them about everything in details. Both parents and children forget that this small thing can create a great impact in every relationship they go throughout in their life, this things can either make things run smooth and well or can create a huge gap between parents and child which can further lead to great loss or depression for one. These things are highly now common with Indians rather than foreigners, which is very disappointing. This extreme spread has created a huge disturbance in our locality- which has increased the hospitality rates to some level, for treating their depression level through medication or by going through some courses of 9 months. Why go and spend money on this, if it’s in your hand to make everything perfect, please don’t make such beautiful bond so complicated that it needs the help of outsiders.

To be in your children’s memories forever, you have to be in their lives today.

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