A plane has been stolen, a family is devastated and a nation questions the security gaps in the airport

A plane has been stolen, a family is devastated and a nation questions the security gaps in the airport


The passenger plan’s deadly crash, which had taken place in the area of Seattle has got the family of that employee of the airport, the one who had stolen the plane, in a devastating state of mind. The nation has now started to question the vulnerability of the security at that airport.

Richard Russell had taken off in a plane that got stolen at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on Friday night, did fly for nearly an hour with his aircraft getting chased by military jets and ultimately got the Horizon Airplane, having 76 seats, crashed in a wooden island.

Russell happened to be the only person, who was on board and he did not go on to survive. This was as per the statement put out by the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department.

Russell’s family said in a statement that he did not intend to harm anyone, while they had referred to the audio recordings where Russell was communicating with air traffic control during the flight. The family even claimed that it had come as a complete shock to them and that they have been devastated for whatever has happened.

Richard Russell had held the position of being a Horizon Air Ground Service Agent for around three and half years, where he had undertaken several responsibilities. The officials do not believe that Russell had the license of a pilot and they are not aware of the fact, how exactly could he learn to fly the plane.

The brazen manner, in which the commercial airline had got stolen from one of the major airports in the US, has exposed a loophole in the security of the airline.

FBI believed that the incident did not have any link with terror, as they tried to get the things together and understand how a security glitch of this nature could take place at a major airport.

Experts said that the crash had certainly exposed the security gap for the airline, of alarming nature and this might very well prompt a major review in the security measures for the industry.

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