Bird and Lime Are Stopping Their Scooter Services as a Part of Protest

Bird and Lime Are Stopping Their Scooter Services as a Part of Protest


Santa Monica is now facing a bigger war that involves shares scooter service providers like Bird and Lime. In an attempt to protest against the biased decisions of the government, Bird and Lime have decided to stop their scooter services temporarily. The decision comes after the city of Santa Monica administration released a recommendation document that was favoring Uber and Lyft, instead of the experienced ones like Bird and Lime. The recommendations were made for a shared transport program in the city, which would allow four companies to launch electric scooters in the Santa Monica City.

“We feel our work in the Santa Monica community warrants a reconsideration of this recommendation,” the electric scooter company said in an official blog post. Lime also says that the shared scooter model proposed by the company has been a model for the entire nation. That is also a reason why the company is demanding a reconsideration of the administration’s decision. Since the city administration is accepting public feedback on the report, Bird and Lime are requesting its customers to make the right response. It needs to be noted that neither Uber or Lyft have started their electric scooter services in the city so far.

The pilot program is expected to help the residents of the city have shared transportation method. Which has been proven so convenient in the past months? And, Bird and Lime have a remarkable experience in not just offering but also managing the electric-scooter services for an extended period. Lime, for one, has its scooters scattered across the nation, unlike the case of Bird. The latter has its roots in Santa Monica, and the decision of the administration may cause the end of the firm. Lime is making the day ‘a day without scooters’ via the app since users aren’t able to use the service.

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