After a Year of Announcement, Cortana-Alexa Collaboration is Live

After a Year of Announcement, Cortana-Alexa Collaboration is Live


Almost a year before, Microsoft and Amazon announced about the upcoming tie-up. It was created to allow an interaction between the two digital assistants. Now, after a year, the feature has become live and usable. Users of Alexa and Cortana would be able to enjoy the benefits of such collaboration. For instance, someone who uses Cortana can use voice commands to order something from Amazon.

Similarly, Alexa users will have integration with Microsoft services as well. Previously, the features were available exclusively. This is one of the moves to fight against Apple’s Siri, the familiar primary competitor.

It took both the companies around a year to launch the feature. Three months before, however, both Alexa and Cortana had shown how the integration would work. It was a detailed explanation as well. Users would be able to benefit from the different skills that both digital assistants have. In addition to this, developers do have the option to bring other skills as well. As of now, the feature has been launched in the form of public review. After seeking feedback from the current users in the United States, the collaboration would be made available on a global scale.

Cortana would be the more benefited one in the deal. For instance, when it comes to the number of ‘digital’ skills, Cortana is lagging behind at just 250. On the other hand, Amazon has around 45,000 skills that are made by developers. Through the collaboration, both companies would be able to increase the total number of those skills. This is because users can now integrate the function of both digital assistants when figuring a task/automation scenario. As said, Amazon and Microsoft have kept silence regarding the availability of this feature outside of the US. Also, sources have said that not all services will be available at first using this tie-up.

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