Elephants Have Zombie Genes That Make Them Cancer-Resistant, Study Shows

Elephants Have Zombie Genes That Make Them Cancer-Resistant, Study Shows


Humans are not the living beings that are infected with cancer. Cancer is considered one of the most-found diseases in many animals. However, elephants have been an exception. Elephants are resistant to cancer if compared to other animals. According to the statistics, less than 5% of elephants are infected by cancer. It’s been a mystery for scientists and experts for a long period. However, a newly-published study, there is an element that makes elephants cancer-resistant. The group of scientists has found that elephants have a zombie gene in them, which helps reduce the risk of cancer.

The scientists behind the study have also explained how this gene works and why elephants are capable of living a long life, without the chance of cancer. Master tumor suppressor genes are found in many mammals, including human beings. However, while human beings have one of these genes, elephants have 20x. And, these genes perform something incredible when it comes to a cancer infection scenario. The genes will turn one gene into a zombie gene. This zombie gene has the task of coming back to life and fixing the DNA issues that the cancerous component might have caused.

Of course, the scientist group does not want the research to stop there. With further research, they believe, some development can be thought about in the case of human beings as well. It should be noted that a huge number of people are dying from cancer every year, and the number doesn’t cease to grow. At this point, medical experts are looking forward to taking inspiration from how animals are fighting off cancer. In this case, the method followed by elephants’ body is quite incredible, although not outright practical in human cases. The authors are now going to analyze the impact of the genomic changes on the chances of getting cancer.

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