James Middleton Opened Up About The Problems He Faced Because of Depression

James Middleton Opened Up About The Problems He Faced Because of Depression


Mental health is that topic which many people wants to talk about, but very few courageous people in actual do it, and James Middleton is one of them. A few days ago James Middleton used the Instagram platform to show the problems he had to face because of the depression, and he further said that he could get out of the severe mental health state after he got encouragement from his sister Kate Middleton. In his Instagram post, James revealed that he suffered through severe depression and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) due to which he was in a terrible mental health state. However, he managed to get out of that misery, and he gives the credit for his recovery to his sister Kate Middleton who helped him in his bad phase. Middleton wrote that other than depression he got Dyslexia due to which he can’t spell the words correctly.

James revealed that it was getting hard for him to cope with depression and Attention Deficit Disorder. He was finding himself in a hard situation because he couldn’t convince himself that he was mentally sick and Jame thinks that most of the times people think that they are going to get out of the depression if they spend more time with themselves, but that type of thoughts makes those people sicker. He thinks without taking a proper mental health care a person won’t be able to solve mental health problems that much quicker. Some people said on his Instagram account that his sister is the only reason why he went into the depression and had Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).

However, James denies such opinions, and he thinks he could have faced these problems even if he wasn’t the Duchess of Cambridge’s brother. He thinks it’s great that he has got some fame because of his sister since now he can promote the mental health by using this popularity.

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