The Average Gas Prices In The US Are Dropping


From last few days, the average gas prices in the USA are falling down and so far from last three week the prices of gas has dropped by 12 percent. The average price of gases around the USA is $2.31 per gallon, from last three and a half months the average cost has fallen by 66 cents. However, the exciting thing about the gas prices in the USA is that people living in this country will have to pay different costs because in each state the cost of gas is different. The highest average gas price in the USA is in California’s Bay area where the avg. Price is $3.46 per gallon. On the other hand, the lowest price is in Baton Rouge, LA where a gallon will cost you only $1.80. If you’re living in an urban area, then there’s a chance that you’re paying for the oil gas more than you know.

Earlier this month president trump tweeted regarding the fall in the gas prices. In that tweet, Trump said that “Do you really think it’s just luck that gas prices are so low, and falling automatically? Low gas prices are like another Tax Cut!. Globally the oil industry has performed very well, but from the last few days, the amounts of crude oil are going down. There are various things which impact the movement of oil prices in the country; however if the prices drop internationally, then it affects on domestic market also.

Currently, the prices of crude oil are decreasing because of the poor performance of China in the export industry. The US government is now going through the problem of government shutdown amid of this some people will enjoy this good news of oil prices dropping.

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