Twitter Soon Going To Launch Beta Version Of Its App


Twitter is widely used by those people who really want to know what’s happening in the world right now and Twitter with its great platform provide every bit of information. Twitter has been gaining lots of popularity from last few months because of the controversial topics people were discussing through this platform because recently the #MeToo movement started on Twitter which so far got a tremendous response. However, to make the platform more subtle and useful, the company has decided to make some changes in it, and soon the beta version of Twitter will be hand over to some people. There are already various rumors regarding the new features which company is going to add on its platform, but as of now, we have no clue about them.

The user base of Twitter is increasing at a fast rate also the company is trying to make sure that every user gets what they want from this platform. The product management team of Twitter has said that they have added some new features in Twitter’s beta app. Few selected group of people will get a chance to use the beta version of Twitter, and the company’s officials think it’s up to the response of these people the company will decide whether to add new features or not. The use of social media platform is changing drastically, to sustain the same growth Twitter now have realized they need to add more useful features for its users.

The company has started a procedure to get access to the beta version of Twitter’s new app. A person to whom the beta version of Twitter is going to hand over will not have to sign NDA so which means they can talk about these new features with anyone.

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