Report Says Federal Prosecutors Are Building A Trade Theft Case Against Huawei

Report Says Federal Prosecutors Are Building A Trade Theft Case Against Huawei


There are various instances where a company gets lots of challenges from the government to prove that what they are doing is legal and moral; it seems like soon Huawei might join that list of companies. Because according to various sources it’s been found that federal prosecutors are pursuing a criminal investigation on Chinese company Huawei in which Feds have accused the company of allegedly stealing trade secrets of the US firms. This case of which is going to prepare by Feds prosecutors will be based on various allegations made on Chinese tech giant company in civil lawsuits. There are many allegations made on the Chinese tech giant company of stealing trade secrets, and one of those famous cases was T-mobile vs. Huawei.

In T-mobile vs. Huawei case T-mobile accused Huawei of stealing the designs and parts for their own benefits also the Jury found the later company to be guilty. Huawei tried their best to prove themselves not-guilty, but the jury took this decision based on all the evidence which were implying that Huawei was performing immoral business duties. Huawei had to pay $4.8 million of fines to the T-mobile as they found to be guilty. The federal prosecutors are now digging this case and several other instances in which Huawei is charged with allegations of stealing trade secrets or formulas. The company is already going through lots of controversies because the US has previously accused the Huawei of spying and leaking its users’ data to the Chinese government.

The US has already warned about not using Huawei products in the government offices because of its spying operations. Many other countries are also not tieing up with Huawei for using their latest products because of security concerns, and these accusations are costing the company millions of dollars.

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