The Global Health Funds Managed To Save Most Of The Needy Young People

The Global Health Funds Managed To Save Most of The Needy Young People


There are millions of people who need help, but very few people do the philanthropy. According to the latest report released by Gates and Melinda foundation which states global funds play a vital role in improving the world’s health. The report States with the help of global funds many big organizations managed to save more than fifty percent of small children’s lives. Bates and Melinda while talking in a press conference said that due to the global funds’ many needy people received the enormous amount of help which was necessary, and they will continue their significant investments in these global funds which are helping millions of people. While stating the importance of funding Bill Gates said that these organization has rightly used the amount which they have invested in GAVI, The Global Fund, Global Polio Eradication Initiative, Global Financing Facility.

In this conference gates and Melinda said that the deaths from malaria, HIV type of diseases had slowed down because of the right treatment offered by the organizations to the needy people. According to Melinda, there are many underdeveloped countries which are suffering the most from the chronic diseases and most of the people are dying because of the unavailability of right treatment. Melinda and gates think that to make everyone healthy there needs to be more work done and the organizations under them are working to find the cure for dangerous viruses like Ebola which is taking millions of lives.

It seems like most of the improvement in the global health has happened after 2000 because many big corporations started to invest more in these global funds. However, to help more people there needs to be more people like Bill Gates who are interested in doing philanthropy because that’s when the global health crisis will get solved.

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