Netflix’s Real Competition Is With Fortnite And Not With Any Other Media Giant Companies

Netflix’s Real Competition is With Fortnite and Not With Any Other Media Giant Companies


In the movie streaming sector, there are many companies and startups which are trying their best to dominate this industry, but the only company which enjoying nearly the monopoly in this business sector is Netflix. However, according to Netflix, the real competition which they are facing is not coming from the big companies like HBO or Disney, and according to them, their real competitor is Fortnite maker Epic games. In the company’s latest earnings report it’s been stated that Netflix owns more than 10 per cent of the total television time screen in the USA. In other countries, it’s even much lower, and according to the company, Fortnite is their real competition because it beats Netflix regarding consumer screen time. Recently Netflix announced its quarterly earnings reports which states more than 28 percent of the company’s revenue has increased also it has gained 8 millions of new subscribers.

In the entertainment industry, many people love to play video games, and that’s the reason Fortnite has more than 200 million registered users on its platform. Many people love to play Fortnite which consumes relatively a more significant time, and Netflix is worried that the gaining popularity of this free to play video game could be more harmful to the company in future than its rivals HBO, Hulu etc. HBO, Disney a few months ago declared that these companies are trying to build their own movie streaming platform, but according to Netflix it does not concern them.

However, Fortnite is not the only video game which stealing the consumer screen time from Netflix because a few months ago when the Youtube was down for some minutes, the viewers on the Netflix platform increased.

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