US Stock Market Showed Positive Response After The Rumors Spread About The End Of Trade War

US Stock Market Showed Positive Response After The Rumors Spread About The End of Trade War


Currently the investors in the US are waiting for only one thing, and that’s the end of the trade war because this tariff issue has cost the country millions of dollars, however yesterday the stock market performed well for some time when some news publications spread the information that the US officials are thinking of ending trade war with China. Some news publications stated the fact that many US officials are thinking of lowering the tariff on Chinese imported items to mitigate the ongoing on trade war and soon after this news broke many major US stocks performed well. However, soon the officials clarified that no such kind of decision had been taken from their side and due to that the investors witnessed their bubble of joy getting burst. Still, the big question goes on continuing, and that’s whether the US is going to end the war with China soon?

Many speculations are going on the market, but no one can predict whether this trade war is going to end soon or not. Because recently the Treasury spokesperson said that there is no committee meeting held regarding lifting tariff import which states that the trump administration is not in the mood to talk about negotiation to China. The trade war might not end up yet, but this recent incident shows that the US stock market is volatile to the trade disputes related news or rumours also. Many US investors are still in the uncertainty about what’s going to happen next, and that’s the reason many blue-chip stocks are also not performing well from the last few months because of this trade disputes.

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