Prince William Talks About The Reason Behind Why So Many British People Don’t Like To Talk About Mental Health Issues

Prince William Talks About The Reason Behind Why So Many British People Don’t Like to Talk About Mental Health Issues.


Mental illness is that topic which no one likes to talk about because people have a tendency of not sharing their problems with others and recently Prince William has explained the reason behind British people’s mental problem. Recently in an interview given by Prince Williams at world economic forum said that most of the British people are not that much into sharing about their mental problem with other people. Prince Williams talked about Him, Kate Middleton and Prince Harry’s initiative called ‘’Heads Together” through which the royal family Britain is trying to make mental awareness. Prince William thinks that many veterans, homeless people have got the benefit because of Heads Together initiative. There are many problems which are talked by the experts on the Global platforms, but very few organizations have taken the responsibility to help all those people who are going through a mental illness.

Prince William further mentions that the reason why so many people are depressed is that they don’t share what they feel or their problems and such type of habits need to break. Sometimes a person will not share their issues with others in fear of being judged, but that shouldn’t stop someone from getting a perfect mental health treatment. It seems like people nowadays feeling about themselves very unsecured, and that’s the reason they don’t share their sadness or trauma which negatively affects their health.

Prince William thinks that awareness regarding mental health is a generational issue because a few years ago talking about trauma or sadness used to considered a sign of weaknesses but things are changing now. All those people who are going through depression or anxiety now are getting help from professional psychologists which shows a positive sign.

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