African-American Have Higher Chances Of Getting Alzheimer’s Disease Than Any Other Race

African-American Have Higher Chances of Getting Alzheimer’s Disease than Any Other Race


In the USA the problem of Alzheimer’s is one of the acute cause of concern because many people are getting diagnosed with it and the percentage of such patients is on the rise. However, one crucial thing has been found related to the Alzheimer’s disease by the health researchers of the Indiana University School of Medicine. The researchers said the percentage of Alzheimer’s disease is increasing at a faster rate in the African-American community and they are worrying that the number might be more than what they have anticipated. According to the study did by health experts they found that the probability of getting diagnosed with Alzheimer or dementia has been found high in the black community and now they’re advising everyone regarding it. In 2018 the number of African Americans who got the five different types of dementia plus Alzheimer’s had been significantly increased, and researchers think there are multiple factors behind it.

Now many speculations are going among the health experts regarding the exact reason behind such an increased number of African-American diagnosed with Alzheimer because it could happen genetically or after following an unhealthy lifestyle or having a poor education also. However, the principal researcher of this health study thinks the main reason why the black community is facing the problem of dementia is that they are less educated and relatively in poor condition. Majority of the African Americans don’t like to talk about their mental illness such as dementia or Alzheimer’s due to which they don’t get the right treatment at the right time which is necessary to cure such type of diseases. The black community needs more health awareness regarding mental health problems because many of them don’t even know that illness like Alzheimer’s is dangerous than any other chronic diseases.

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