Slow Business Growth Of Caterpillar, Nvidia Shows China’s Economy Is Slowing Down

Slow Business Growth Of Caterpillar, Nvidia Shows China’s Economy Is Slowing Down


There are some companies in the USA which so far has got the most hit because of the ongoing trade war disputes. According to the recent reports released by the Nvidia and Caterpillar shows that the big companies are also facing problems because of the slowdown of China’s economy. A few days ago the construction machinery giant company Caterpillar said that they are getting hit because of the ongoing trade disputes between the US and China. On the other hand, the second maker tech company of the US said that they’re expecting less amount of sales in the upcoming quarter. Some experts are saying that Nvidia and Caterpillar are not the only two companies which are seeing a slow business growth because there are many sectors like agriculture, finance and many other industries which are trying to achieve a considerable amount of success.

Some economists were predicting that China’s economy is stable and won’t get any downturn even if the US put pressure under the trade disputes. However, since these two companies have given this statement which shows that China’s economy is really getting slowdown. Even if the country and other economists predict it’s not, in reality, the situation might be worse. On Monday morning Caterpillar’s shares fell by 9 percent when it declared that the company might be earning less amount of revenue than anticipated. On the other hand, Nvidia’s shares fell by more than 13% when the company declared that its sales went down to $2.2 billion from $2.7 billion. Caterpillar earns more than 59% of its revenue from outside the US, and its major markets are in China, the same goes for Nvidia also.

There are many other companies which are seeing a downfall in its revenue because of the slow economic growth in China and many other external factors.

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