General Motors Is Going To Invest More Than $2.73 Billion In Brazil Till 2024

General Motors Is Going To Invest More Than $2.73 Billion In Brazil Till 2024


In businesses, big corporation sustains in the long term because of their right investments into other properties otherwise no company can survive in future if they don’t invest it wisely. General Motors recently announced that it might be going to spend more than 10 billion reais ($2.73 billion) in next four years and is expecting that this investment will be good for both country and the company. General Motors is that automobile company which has always been famous for its diversification because currently car manufacturing sector is at its lowest point and many companies are even getting bankrupt. However, GM is not one of those failing companies, and that’s why right now they’re investing more than  $2.73 billion in Brazil. Earlier also company has invested that much amount of money in Brazil because from 2014 to 2019 company has poured more than 13 billion reais in Brazil.

While talking about company’s plans officials of GM said that they’ve always prioritized diversification and that’s why company will be investing a considerable amount of money into the state of Sao Paulo. General Motors is expecting some tax incentives for such investment from the local government also it seems like they’ll get it because no other automobile companies have shown their interest of investing in Brazil. However, while talking about this investment company’s officials said that Brazil might have to prepare for the hard times which indicates company might start mass laying off in this country also. Because earlier GM has decided to close down its major factories in USA  and Canada due to which many workers have lost their jobs, and soon it might happen in Brazil too.

Automobile sector is forcing well-established companies like GM to consider other options for investment and diversification. General Motors have already started working on making electric cars to compete with Tesla, Volkswagen, and many other big companies.

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