Xbox Live Will Connect To The Android, IOS, And Nintendo Switch Platforms

Xbox Live Will Connect to the Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch Platforms


Xbox Live allows users to interact with others, and watch what they are playing on their consoles. But, Microsoft is planning to integrate the Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch platforms with the Xbox Live, so the users can have their achievements, clubs, friendslist and many other things that are present on the Xbox Live for Windows. In the recent developer conference, Microsoft said that they would bring the Cross-platform developer toolkit, which will enable the developers to integrate and manage the Xbox Live and experiment with the program.

Microsoft will provide the details about the Xbox Live Developer Toolkit at Game Developers Conference. According to the schedule of Microsoft’s session at the Game Developers Conference, the team will provide first look at the XDK for the game development engineers and others. According to Microsoft, nearly 60 million players are currently active on the Xbox platform and playing the games of their choice. With the XDK and the integration, the users will be able to access their achievements, game history, friends, groups and many other things on Android, iOS, and other platforms, possibly Nintendo Switch.

According to the experts, this is one of the smartest moves from the company. By promoting their premium Xbox Live service to other platforms, Microsoft will surely gain more attention from non-players. Also, this is an essential move before the rumored launch of the Cloud-Only Xbox, online game streaming service and Game Pass. With the surge of high-end smartphones capable of gaming, the users might pick up the Xbox gaming consoles due to the upcoming integration of Xbox Live with the Android and iOS smartphones. Also, the company might introduce the online game streaming service for smartphones.

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