Apple Reveals They’re Storing Russian User’s Data On Local Servers

Apple Reveals They’re Storing Russian User’s Data on Local Servers


According to the recent filings with the Russian government, Apple, Inc revealed that they are complying with the Local Russian law of storing the data on Local servers. Apple admitted that they are saving the data of Russian users in the Local severs Located in Russia. Apple is following the law made in 2015 which forces the companies to keep the customer’s data on local servers and not the foreign servers.

Apple had the data of Russian users like the Name, Address, Email Address, and phone numbers and stored them on the local servers. Apple collects the data of their users to improve their customer service. The company uses the same data to inform Apple devices users of the new products, schemes, software updates, and many more things. The filing documents do not mention the data like messages, iCloud storage, and others storage location. Also, it is clear that Apple has more than necessary information of their employees, like their passport numbers, date of issuance, expiration date, number of countries visited, work history, monthly income, etc.

According to the local law, Apple is storing their data in the data center provided by IXcellerate in Russia. The data storage in Russian servers is minimal compared to what Apple is doing in China. Complying with the Chinese laws, Apple is storing the iCloud accounts on the Chinese servers, which is not as good as the Chinese government can quickly get access to the personal data of their users. Apple CEO Tim Cook already said that the company will comply with national laws but will still encrypt the stored data via proprietary encryption technology. Russia started enforcing the law aggressively from 2017 and have closed many IT companies who refused to comply with the law.

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