Out Galaxy Milky Way Is Not A Flat Disk – It’s Warped From Sides

Out Galaxy Milky Way is not a Flat Disk – It’s Warped from Sides


Our Milky Way galaxy is full of stars and is spiral galaxy just like our nearest neighbor, Andromeda Galaxy. As observable from our planet, we thought the Milky Way Galaxy is a flat spiral disk rotating and moving in the endless space. But that’s not the case, and scientists reveal that the Milky Way is not flat disk at all. As we live inside the galaxy, it is tough to observe the shape of it, but scientists have done it and learned that the edges warp our galaxy.

According to the scientists, further away we move from the center of our galaxy, more it warps downside. The galactic plane is not a plane line as we’ve expected but an elongated S shape. The Scientists at National Astronomical Observatories of Chinese Academy of Sciences (NAOC) used the new distance measurement parameters to find out this mystery element unknown about Milky Way for all these years. Scientists used the stars that are Cepheid variable. This type of stars is very bright pulsating stars spitting gamma rays at specific intervals. Scientists use this type of stars to calculate the distance from the earth in Light years.

Scientists used the pulsating stars and the data collected by penetrating the Dust and light interference with WISE Space observatory. Using the data, they created a 3D rendering of the milky way galaxy and found that the Cepheid variable stars they’ve used as reference do not follow the galactic plane that we’ve assumed for years. Astrophysicist Richard de Grijs said that it is not at all weird for a spiral galaxy to have a twisted end due to atomic hydrogen gas extending out of the galaxies spiral curve.  This is an essential discovery for humans as it’ll change the way we’ll look at the space.

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