Qualcomm Launched Snapdragon 712 SoC - Comes with QuickCharge 4+, and Bluetooth Audio enhancements

Qualcomm Launched Snapdragon 712 SoC – Comes with QuickCharge 4+, and Bluetooth Audio enhancements


Qualcomm revealed the latest chipset in the market for a smartphone, which is Snapdragon 712. This chipset is the successor of Snapdragon 710 chipset and has a lot of improvements. The company unveiled this chipset in an event and claimed that it would come with support for QuickCharge 4+, better Bluetooth audio and increased processing power.  The processor is built on the 10nm process and provides 10% increment in performance over the predecessors due to slightly improved eight Kyro 360 cores on the chip.

The performance increment is nominal as SnapDragon 712 has 2.3 GHz clock speed and predecessor Snapdragon 710 had 2.2 GHz clock speed. Although the performance increment is negligible, the company claiming it will provide a boost in the performance on upcoming smartphones. Another feature improvement is Bluetooth audio. The chip comes with TrueWireless Stereo Plus and Broadcast Audio technologies, which provides seamless connectivity between the phone and Bluetooth device to provide better audio quality.

The most prominent feature introduced with this chip is the QuickCharge 4+ support. The devices running on Snapdragon 712 will receive a significant boost in charging speed with the QuickCharge 4+ technology. If the OEM enables the QuickCharge 4+ with this chip, then the smartphone users can enjoy the high-speed charging. Except for these features, every other thing is borrowed from its predecessor. The device comes with Adreno 616 GPU with support for dual 20-Megapixel cameras or single 36-megapixel cameras onboard. Also, the network modem is also the same Snapdragon X15, which is from the Snapdragon 710 SoC yet again. Qualcomm has not announced the smartphones that will have Snapdragon 712, but we might see a few devices from popular smartphone manufacturers with this chipset.

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