SpaceX Postponed Test Flight Of Crewed Dragon Capsule Until 2nd March

SpaceX Postponed Test Flight of Crewed Dragon Capsule until 2nd March


NASA and SpaceX are working on the test flight of the first crew Dragon Capsule. It was supposed to take off in January but was postponed twice without any reason. Both of the institutions refused to provide any reasons behind double-postponement. But now, they are ready for the test flight of Crew Dragon Capsule and aiming 2nd March 2019 as the launch date. The crew dragon test flights were affected by the nationwide government shutdown in the United States, that ended on January 25th, 2019.

Dragon Capsule will fly to International Space Station for two weeks to prove that the capsule is ready to take humans in the outer space. NASA is keeping an eye on the preparation as, without their permissions, the SpaceX cannot take human crew members in the space. The test flight will be used to analyze the capsule’s hardware, examine internal pressure, computer navigation, safety, and other measures. Once the mission successfully comes back to the earth, SpaceX will get the green signal from NASA to take crews to the international space station for different missions.

If everything goes according to the timeline and the Crew Dragon passes the test, then SpaceX will send humans in the space via Crew Dragon capsule. NASA is keeping an eye to certify the capsule for safe for humans to enter in space and return to earth. From years, NASA is using the Russian Soyuz Capsules to send humans on International Space Station and bring them back. With this success, the dependency on Soyuz Spacecraft will diminish. SpaceX is not the only one in this race, as Boeing’s Starliner Spacecraft is getting ready for the first test flight after early delays.

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