Dell is Recalling Hybrid Power Adaptors after Electric Shock complains

Dell is Recalling Hybrid Power Adaptors after Electric Shock complains


Dell’s Hybrid Laptop power adaptors are smart and provide great accessibility when you are not near the power source. The combination of the Power adaptor and high-capacity battery pack helped many users to keep their laptops running with the juice even when there was no power source nearby. Now, the company is recalling the units sold in January 2017 to March 2017 due to the electric shock complains. The units which were sold from Amazon, eBay and other e-commerce sites in the United States are being recalled to avoid any further damage.

Many complaints were received by the company of internal components being exposed and posing the risk of electric shock. As per the reports, more than 8,900 adapters were affected by this issue in the United States and nearly 475 in Canada. The Hybrid Power Adaptors sold in January to March 2017 had serial numbers “CN-05G53P – LOC00 – XXX – XXXX – AXX”. If the users have the serial numbers starting from these printed on the back side of the adaptor, then they are advised to send the defective unit back to dell.

Dell’s Hybrid Power Adaptors are working correctly, which were made after January and March 2017. The company is still selling the later versions of the same power adaptor in the market, as they didn’t pose any risk to the customers. But the ones made in the period mentioned above, are posing a threat to the safety of consumers. The company is offering a free replacement to the users whose Adaptors are recalled, so there is nothing to worry about losing their adaptor and not receiving the one. The company cited that the recall is purely based on the security and safety concern of the customers.

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