Google Chrome OS Update Rolled Out With Google Assitant And Android Pie Support

Google Chrome OS Update Rolled out with Google Assitant and Android Pie Support


Google has officially released the Chrome OS by changing the Beta Status to Official. The latest version of Chrome OS is the OS 72, and it comes with the tons of features notably the support of Google Assistant and Android Pie apps support. The native Google Assistant is available for the Chrome OS version 72 users for the first time. Before this update, the users had to use tricks to enable the assistant and use voice commands.

Not just the Google Assistant support, but Chrome OS 7 comes with the Android Pie integration. Along with these additions, the updates come with a lot to improve the user experience of the Chromebook users. The users of Touch-screen Chromebook, the support for stylus devices has been given. With this support, users can efficiently use the Chrome OS without having any accidental touch issues with the stylus. Also, the Picture-in-Picture mode is on by default if the users start watching videos on the Chrome Browser. The Chromecast Settings now have extended options and even the separate Tweaks menu to customize the Operating system and the features.

Google developers took care of all of the security flaws present in the operating system. The OS comes with sandboxed Shill Network Manager that had some vulnerabilities discovered back in 2016. Also, the USBGuard feature is integrated into the update. The USBGuard locks the USB port when the device is in the sleep mode to prevent any data theft when the device is in the sleep mode. The Chrome OS update 72 is still in the rolling out mode. It’ll take some time for all of the Chromebook devices to receive the Software update notification on the device.

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