Paris Government Sues Airbnb Over Its Display of Illegal Ads


In business, a company will have to undergo through lots of difficult phase, but one thing which every company won’t like to see is getting sued from government. According to recent reports Paris has sued Airbnb for showing those ads which violated some rules of the city’s renting policy. According to local residential rule, a landowner is not allowed to rent out their property to a tenant for more than 120 days. Airbnb on the other hand while promoting their shared renting platform displayed more than thousands of Ads and now if company found to be guilty then it will have to pay a considerable amount of taxes to local government. The city officials think this rule will make sure that ordinary residents are not getting any problems because of other people who are coming into the city to a stay. Now Airbnb which was unaware of this ad might have to face lots of penalties.

According to law, every which Ad which Airbnb published attracts at least 12500 euros of penalty, and so far the company has released more than 1000 Ads. So if we calculate the amount of penalty, then the company will have to pay approximately $14.2 million. On the other hand company’s officials said that Persian laws relating to renting a house is not good and Airbnb does not accept any allegations made on them. Paris is one of the largest city for company because Airbnb has more than 65000 listings in this city. France is that country where many tourists visit every year due to which Airbnb find s a great business opportunity in this country. But since Paris is putting such type of rules, it’s becoming hard for Airbnb to rent out a house property on rent.

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