Japanese Court Granted Bail to Former Nissan Chief Carlos Ghosn

Japanese Court Granted Bail to Former Nissan Chief Carlos Ghosn


Tokyo jail will soon release Carlos Ghosn, Ex Nissan Chairman, who spent nearly four months in the jail cell. On Tuesday, the Tokyo District Court judged that Mr. Carlos could be freed on bail of 1 billion yen, i.e., $9 million. The court granted the bail on a condition that former chief of Nissan and Renault will not depart from Japan. The Japanese court asked him to not to search and destroy any type of proof. The public prosecutors appealed the judgment but failed. Thus the Japanese court rejected the recent attempt by lawyers to detain Carlos for more days. The move cleared the way of Ex. Nissan chairman, and will be released soon.

The decision marks a success for MR. Carlos’ prosecutors, who gained the approval after many efforts. Tokyo District Court denied Ghosn’s bail twice before the latest one. But a newly appointed defense team successfully gained the approval. Mr. Carlos’ family also played a crucial role in achieving the bail. The news knocked out international attention when Carlos’ wife exposed about the treatment given to him in jail. She called it a harsh treatment in a Japanese jail. The Tokyo District Court said on Tuesday evening that it denied a request by prosecutors who asked to detain Ghosn until completion of remaining trials. The court also accepted Carlos’ prosecutors’ promises that he would agree to a broad inquiry.

After coming out from jail, Mr. Carlos will be free to meet his lawyers regularly. He can develop a defense strategy by sitting with prosecutors for the upcoming trials. The automobile industry executive is waiting for trial on charges. Mr. Carlos is claimed for financial misconduct, underreporting income, and misuse of his position. Whereas, he denies all the allegations and says he is innocent. He is entirely committed to vigorously defend himself in a fair trial against those baseless and blames. Although, Mr. Carlos would face prison for fifteen years if the court finds him guilty in the matter.

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