Fitbit Launches Four New Less Expensive Wearables in The Market

Fitbit Launches Four New Less Expensive Wearables in The Market


Fitbit is unrolling a smartwatch policy that will be remarkably different from its competitors. Fitbit is launching a set of less expensive activity trackers and a smartwatch. Besides, the company intends that lower prices will attract new customers. The new range of wearables include: the Inspire and Inspire HR trackers, the Versa Lite Edition smartwatch, and the Ace 2 children’s fitness tracker. Previously the Inspire and Inspire HR were exclusively available for Fitbit’s Health Solutions partnership customers. But now they will make it widely available for all customers. A Fitbit Versa Lite smartwatch at $159.95, costs $40 less than its primary Versa device.

Fitbit also announced that it would replace its current fitness trackers with both: the Fitbit Inspire and Fitbit Inspire HR. The price of Inspire is $69.95 and Inspire HR costs $99.65. Both devices are less expensive than the old ones. The cherry on the top of ice-cream news is the company redesigned its kid’s activity tracker. Fitbit Ace 2, the new one, costs $30 less than the previous model. The actual cost of the new kid’s activity tracker is $96.95. It is sure that the new products arrive as the company tries to regain the market as an effort to retake the market.

The company noted decreasing the cost of its new wearables will assist it in grabbing some new wrists. The move will also attract health plans who wish to motivate people to become more active and do not wish to spend hundreds of dollars on it. It seems like the new devices are all part of the company’s plan to increase its business. An extra price drop could help push Fitbit’s revenue even more amid those who aim to buy the product but don’t want to pay the full $200. The move carried the wearable against other top smartwatch models, notably in case of cost. In the end, with cheaper fitness trackers and smartwatches, Fitbit expects to get more devices on people’s wrists.

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