The President Appreciates Work of Apple CEO, but Misspelled Him as “Tim Apple”

The President Appreciates Work of Apple CEO, but Misspelled Him as “Tim Apple”


Every day, every moment the president meets a lot of people, so it is not possible to remember each and every name. But what about some pretty famous personalities in the business world? The incident took place during a meeting with the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board inside the State Dining Room. On Thursday, March 6, Apple CEO Tim Cook and President Donald Trump were sitting next to each other during the conference. The President noted about the friendship between him and Apple CEO. But Trump misspelled the name of Apple CEO, and called him “Tim Apple”. The president has a prolonged history of misspelling names of people. He generally swaps the first name with another name. Even more, the president previously jumbled the names of executives. Once Trump called Lockheed Martin’s CEO as Marillyn Lockheed.

Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump led the workforce roundtable. The White House initiative is one of her ideas and perspectives. During the workforce roundtable, the president proceeded towards the topic. He asked all the CEO’s including Cook to say a few lines about the new initiative of White House. During the meeting, he accidentally called Tim Apple at the moment. At the end of the event, the President said they wish to have a solid border. But the government want to have a lot of foreigners in the U.S. He added, many people do not understand that, they think the U.S. is shutting it down. Trump noted the government is not at all shuts the opportunity.

The President unrolled his plans and said they want people to come in, but they have to follow a particular process. He cautioned about human traffickers and drugs by calling the act similar to an attack of illegal incomers at the U.S.-Mexico border. Trump’s speech highlighted the efforts of Tim Cook. The President states, Apple is spreading across, and performing well. Trump previously asked Tim to start doing business in the U.S., and he did. Apple actually put a big investment in America. The President appreciated the initiative of Apple. But the speech also includes the awkward moment that became viral through the YouTube account of White House.

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