Facebook Decides to Exclude Anti-Vax Conspiracies from Its Business Model

Facebook Decides to Exclude Anti-Vax Conspiracies from Its Business Model


On Thursday, Facebook announced that it would show up less frequently across the platform. The company is taking steps to tackle the spread of anti-vaccine information by minimizing the publishing of misguiding medical advice. It will rarely mention such posts in people’s News Feed, public and private groups, search prediction, public and private pages present on the site. The news arrives after facing intense pressure from politicians and health advocates trying to cub anti-vax content. Monika Bickert, Vice president of Global Policy Management, said they are working to deal with vaccine misguiding on Facebook. They are trying to reduce the misguidance and offer people with valid and authentic information on the topic.

According to Monika, people use the social media platform to spread anti-vaccine scheme theories and misdirect people. She noted the move also gains a little oversight from the company. Facebook is an open platform, it will no longer be a dump site for the anti-vaccination conspiracies of a few misinformed fools. Recently, Adam Schiff, a Californian Congressman, sent a letter to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO. The lawmaker expressed concern that the social media platform contained and suggested information that could demoralize parents. Whereas, the posts may result in the increasing rate of anti-vaxxer parents, who deny from vaccinating kids.

Facebook said it is taking a footstep to reject the advertisers that consist of misinformation about vaccine and vaccination. It will also reduce the raking of groups that circulate this type of conspiracies on the platform. The company also promises that it will not recommend any content which includes vaccine misinformation. In the previous month, Bloomberg reported that Facebook was looking for extensive measures to best tackle the problem. As per the report, the platform will ensure that top quality and more authoritative information is available for the users. Monika also stated that the company would exclude the whole group or page if they publish any kind of vaccine misinformation. On the other hand, YouTube and Pinterest are also taking steps to deal with anti-vaccine information.

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