EA Reportedly Paid $1 million to Ninja for Streaming a Game

EA Reportedly Paid $1 million to Ninja for Streaming a Game


Nowadays, it has become a trend to promote games by making deals with top and famous streamers. Reportedly, EA followed the same scenario to promote Apex Legends. But can you imagine what amount of money those streamers and YouTubers make? Let me tell you; it is costly. According to Reuters, the EA paid Tyler Blevins, the chameleon-haired Twitch king, a cool $1 million to play the game. The Ninja played the game on 5th February, who is the world’s most-followed computer gamer. Blevins is one of the professional with massive followings pulled in by Electronic Arts Inc. to promote its latest game.

Soon after launching, Apex Legends created a buzz that secured 10 million signups in the first three days. The 27-year-old has over 13 million followers on Twitch, a game-streaming site. Ninja played the game and streamed the doing to his millions of followers. Currently, the total amount which other streamers gained remains a secret. Although, the first slot included leading streamers like Myth (Ali Kabbani) and Shroud (Michael Grzesiek). Shroud is a great popular Polish-Canadian streamer, who owns six million Twitch followers. He also played Apex Legends but declined to reveal the deal conditions.

A vice president at esports infrastructure firm ReKTGlobal, Kevin Knocke, said EA did a fairly thorough job at grabbing together all the influencers in one category. Whatever deals EA made with streamers during the initial launch period of 24 hours, the company says those people continued to play the game. They played the game days and weeks after its arrival. Whereas, spokesperson for EA and Ninja declined to comment on the investment made for promotion. Ninja reportedly earned about $10 million in the previous year. Most of the money he owned by streaming Fornite. The 27-year-old has many sources like YouTube ads, sponsorships, and many more, to earn money. Recently, Ninja has switched back to Fornite, but Apex Legends remains deeply rooted in Twitch’s top ten by category.

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