Nvidia Announced a $99 Jetson Nano, an Affordable Developer Kit

Nvidia Announced a $99 Jetson Nano, an Affordable Developer Kit


These days, innovations in AI have generated various algorithms ranging from image recognition to express translation. But companies are lagging when the time comes to apply those techniques in the real world. Nvidia Corporation, an American technology company, is working in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence from many years. The company announced a new product with Jetson Nano platform which intends to ease AI development. Jensen Huang, founder, and CEO of Nvidia declared a $99 AI computer at the GTC. The entry-level AI computer would assist developers, makers, and enthusiasts. Jetson Nano is a 3×4-inch computer which consists of a graphics processor from Nvidia. Besides, it has a quad-core ARM processor and a 4GB memory.

Although, Nano is the modern computing board in Nvidia, which provide the power to think and work like a brain. Appending the brain for robots and other AI-powered gadgets may be useful. The tech giant claims that the Nano can deliver the processing power up to 472 gigaflops for neural networks. At first sight, it could be the best device for the one looking forward to developing a personal robot or smart speaker. It will offer the ability to visually study its surrounding and move around to a homemade robot. The gadget can also be used to power video analysis software commonly used for home security video cameras.

So developers can plug one into their latest creation, and it will handle all the work. The device can perform various AI functions like object recognition and autonomous navigation. Cheery on the cake thing is the gadget does not depend on a cloud processing power for its functioning. Nvidia said it would sell its fully operational develop kit for $99. The companies who aim to include the computer into large-scale projects can purchase the device in June. The companies can order the product in bulk exclusively for $129 per piece. So hobbyist, developers, inventors, and students can buy the new smart AI computer and create their own devices.

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