Elon Musk Reveals Tesla will Increase Prices on Inventory Cars from April 2

Elon Musk Reveals Tesla will Increase Prices on Inventory Cars from April 2


After many jumbled weeks of price and adoption changes from Tesla, a new one went into effect. The news is about the newly-launched Model Y, which gained a $1,000 increase in its price. Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, announced on Twitter that prices on all inventory cars would rise approximately by 3%.  The new rates will affect from the end of the current quarter, i.e., April 1. But as the price hike will take place at midnight, it will be effective from April 2. The move arrives after a recent announcement by the electric car maker. On March 10, the company states in a blog post that it would require to increase vehicle prices to keep its stores open.

Musk said the plan to increase prices, not at all affect Tesla website order prices. According to him, the current inventory prices are slightly less than on the website. Thus it may bring the inventory vehicles in line. Inventory cars are the vehicles that the company has already manufactured. The series includes both first and second-hand vehicles available for purchase. The electric carmaker has reportedly increased and decreased vehicle prices in recent months. As a result, the move annoyed some owners and potential customers.

Recently the company also announced that it intends to close stores and transfer all sales online. As per its blog statement, the move was in order to decrease prices. After some days, the electric car maker changed its plan and decided to leave some stores open. So here arrives at the rise in costs from the previously announced discount. Although, the classic Model 3 will be available for $35,000. But the Standard Plus edition will get a boost worth $500, and initiate at $37,500. Besides, all other Model 3 variations will experience a rise of $1,500. While Tesla’s expensive flagship vehicles, Model X and Model S, gained average price soars of less than 2%.

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