ITC Judge Recommends to Assert an Import Ban on iPhones in the Latest Ruling

ITC Judge Recommends to Assert an Import Ban on iPhones in the Latest Ruling


On Tuesday, the International Trade Commission (ITC) issued two judgments in Apple and Qualcomm’s fight over patents. One figure out in favor of Apple while the other sided Qualcomm. It is the latest news from the ongoing legal battle between the two companies. A US trade judge has discovered Apple at fault of breaching on two Qualcomm patents. Both permits are relevant to power management and speeds of data download. As a result, MaryJoan McNamara, the ITC judge, states it may ban some iPhone models. The move mainly includes Apple phones containing rivaling Intel modems. The court may ban those products from shipping from China.

Thus Apple faces a US ban on sales of some of its models after the ruling. ITC issued a legal notice and revealed that the tech giant violated on Qualcomm technology. Thus the court declared a partial ban on iPhone imports. But the document posted on ITC’s website did not speak which models the model included in the ban. It seems like the U.S. will prohibit some iPhones belonging to earlier series. In the first verdict, McNamara, in an early ruling, said Apple had violated U.S. Patent No. 8,063,674 which belongs to Qualcomm. The technology enhances the performance of the power on/off on a device’s control network and processor. It also reduces power consumption and assists to improve battery life. But in case of other cases, the court did not found Apple guilty.

Still, the decision is pending for a review by the ITC. So, the case may flip in a separate ITC ruling today. The verdict is not final but will next go to a group of jury members. After that, President Donald Trump may look into the case. Don Rosenberg, Qualcomm general counsel, said they respect McNamara’s perception of Apple’s infringement. Don added she would recommend an import ban. On the other hand, Apple stated the company is pleased the ITC has discovered Qualcomm’s latest patent asserts invalid. As per Apple, it is another crucial step to ensure U.S. companies are capable of competing without bias in the market.

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