NASA is Offering Thousands of Pounds to Remain in Bed for Two Months

NASA is Offering Thousands of Pounds to Remain in Bed for Two Months


We love to be in bed at weekends, but imagine lying in bed for weeks. You are eating, sleeping without getting up, and someone is paying you for that. NASA is offering £14,000 to its volunteers to lie in bed for two months and watch TV. In this week, NASA, the American space agency, launched the AGBRESA (Artificial Gravity Bed Rest Study). The European Space Agency (ESA) partnered with NASA to work on the project taking place at the German Aerospace Centre (DLR). Dr. Edwin Mulder, a leading scientist at the DLR Institute of Aerospace Medicine, said the new technology might assist in protecting human health during prolonged deep space missions. It would help the space agency in knowing the effect of space travel on astronaut’s health.

But It is mandatory to do everything while lying flat. The condition also applies to activities like going to the toilet, eating, reading books, etc. The dream job in which volunteers will dream all time is specially designed to check the effect of artificial gravity. Space experts from the U.S. and European Space Agency will analyze those participants’ whole day. Researchers will try to determine the impact of prolonged sessions in space on astronauts. The research would mainly focus on muscle wasting. Although, it is the first time researchers will study the use of human-made gravity. Probably the research will help to avoid the adverse effects of lightness (that astronauts experience in space due to lack of gravitational force) on the human body. Currently, the space agency is looking for 12 male and 12 female candidates with age between 24-55.

Those 24 volunteers will require to spend 60 days in bed. One more eligibility criteria are they should know the German language. During the research, 12 volunteers will undergo treatments like that of an artificial gravity chamber. They will be spun around in a centrifuge at 30 revolutions per minute. As a result, generation of centrifugal force will take place. It will force blood back into their extremities. In the end, scientists will compare the data obtained from two groups, i.e., spun and not spun. The study will require a time up to three months to accomplish.

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