New Jersey Jurors find J&J Not Guilty in Latest Talc-Tied Cancer Trial

New Jersey Jurors find J&J Not Guilty in Latest Talc-Tied Cancer Trial


On Wednesday, a New Jersey Jury removed the liability of Johnson & Johnson from a case. A man claimed that asbestos, a component present in the company’s powder, caused mesothelioma to him. The 58-year-old-man claimed that he got the fatal disease after using Johnson & Johnson talc products for an extended period of time. After a half hour thinking, the six jury members judged the complainant failed to provide a majority of proof that he was exposed to asbestos from J&J baby powder. Jurors delivered their united decision in Middlesex County Superior Court in New Brunswick. The court is just a few miles away from the company’s headquarters.

Ricardo Rimondi diagnosed with mesothelioma in 2016. A year later in 2017, Ricardo and his wife filed a case against Johnson & Johnson. They claimed that Rimondi’s lifelong exposure to Johnson’s products. Both spotted two products of J&J, baby powder, and Shower to Shower. But the jury unitedly judged in favor of the company. Thus J&J settled talc-related suits which were pending in state courts in California, Oklahoma, and New York. Despite of letting jury members judge the cases, J&J strangely decided to settle three women alleges that its products are liable to cause cancer.

Johnson & Johnson currently faces around 13,000 talc-related cases across the nation. The company refuses to accept the claim that its talc causes cancer. Whereas, J&J asserts that many studies and researches by regulators across the world have proved the safety of its talc. The company said it rise and shine by the safety of its talc. Also, J&J intends to defend the safety of its baby powder strongly. On the other hand, the majority of the cases are against the company include ovarian cancer alleges. Kim Montagnino, a J&J representative, stated in case of every nature there are some situations where settlement sounds a good option. But they do not intend to settle Johnson’s baby powder cases, also not planning for a settlement program.

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