Google Launches AMP For Gmail to Load Emails Faster

Google Launches AMP For Gmail to Load Emails Faster


Google announced the Accelerated Mobile pages a long time ago, and the team was experimenting with the same. Experts already expected the announcement of Accelerated Mobile Pages platform from Google for other services. Today, Google announced the addition of AMP service to Gmail. With AMP for Gmail, all of the emails will load faster and will look like a web page. The AMP will turn the Gmail body contents to the interactive webpage. Thus the users can perform certain activities if the sender has embedded such elements.

With the change in the growth and demands of the users, Google has decided to integrate AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages in Gmail service to allow users to browse emails with convenience. In the blog post, Gmail Product manager Aakash Sawhney announced the arrival of AMP. As the browsing preferences alter from flat web pages to interactive content, Gmail failed to adapt to the same earlier. But now with the AMP, everything will be replaced, Said Aakash. Starting from today, the Gmail will begin showing the emails in AMP format. With the adaption of AMP, all of the emails that have AMP pages will stay up to date with the information. Besides, you’ll have to receive fewer emails due to the update module of AMP.

The new Gmail mail structure has become more dynamic now. The users can update the contents, perform specific actions and even post quick replies to any of the emails. Instead of getting multiple emails from one service about the activity on their site, you can now see the live notifications inside the email without getting bombarded with numerous emails. From today, all of the users will receive the rollout of the service sooner or later. Sahney said that the mobile support would roll out after a few days of minor adjustments to the application.

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