World's Largest Tyrannosaurus Remains Found in Canada

World’s Largest Tyrannosaurus Remains Found in Canada


We’ve seen the animated representations of Tyrannosaurus in many Hollywood movies and TV series as the predatory and biggest dinosaurs. Researchers say the Tyrannosaurus is one of the biggest dinosaurs that ever existed on the planet. In a recent discovery, the archaeologists and the scientists have found the remains of the biggest ever Tyrannosaurus that lived on the earth in Canada. Recent excavations at one site in Canada resulted in the discovery of the remains of Tyrannosaurus. It could be the biggest one amongst the other findings. The fossilized remains of the dinosaurs show the massive size of the skeleton remains. Additionally, it is the most significant discovery to date.

A few months ago, researchers discovered a T.Rex specimen to one location in Canada. After excavation on the same site, the scientists found the fossilized remains of the skeleton of what appears to be the biggest Tyrannosaurus in the world. According to the estimation after looking at the size of remains, scientists have found the average weight of this animal to be 19,500 pounds at the time of death. The scientists are assembling the skeleton party-by-part, and it is 65% complete.

According to the reports from paleontologists, they named the specimen of Tyrannosaurus as “Scotty”. Besides, they are working on the rebuilding process. The estimates suggest that it weighed 19,500 pounds at the time of death and lived till the age of 28 years, which is good for dinosaurs. Additionally, the remains are not new to the paleontologists as the remains of Scotty were discovered first back in the ’90s. But as the fossils were hardened in with the stone coating, it took them more than 20 years to completely uncover and find out that it is the largest Tyrannosaurus remains. After performing Carbon dating tests, scientists figured out that the Scotty died nearly 68 million years ago when the earth was a different place than it is now.

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