Facebook Adds New Crunch in Its News Feed

Facebook Adds New Crunch in Its News Feed: Why am I Seeing this Post?


Facebook announced that it is adding a new feature to its News Feeds. The new feature, “Why am I seeing this post?”, is similar to “Why am I seeing this ad?”. Until now, the feature regarding adds appeared next to advertisements, since 2014. Apart from ad one, the new tool includes a dropdown menu. It offers users information about why the platform is showing that particular post to them. Even more, it will display links to customization controls, which will allow users to personalize their News Feeds. All in all, the new feature will offer a more clear view of how Facebook implements an algorithm in its News Feed.

It will help users to figure out the content that appears on their News Feed from Groups, Pages, and people they follow. Besides, users can easily manage the posts with which they communicate on the site. Now Facebook users can grip on what they see in the social network’s News Feed. According to the company, it is the first time it has developed information on the working of News Feed ranking. By taking the step, Facebook wants to be more transparent with users regarding how its algorithms target a particular user. The drop-down menu, “Why am I seeing this post?”, will be available in the right-hand corner of the post from their followed ones. The list will also display the scenario, why they considered the one for a particular user.

Along with the new feature the user will have the ability to customize news feeds coming from various sources. Let’s consider an example if a user follows a particular group on Facebook. He/she can manage the material as per taste. The app will offer a series of shortcuts to its user so that a user can personalize their News Feed. The list will include options like Unfollow, See First, and Privacy Shortcuts. In addition to the new feature, Facebook is rolling update for its another feature. The company will make its “Why am I seeing this add?” more open and transparent than ever before. Being more clear Facebook will offer details if an ad agency uploaded a user’s credentials to its database. Furthermore, it will reveal whether the advertiser worked with another marketing company to trap you with an ad.

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