National Enquirer Denies the Claims of Bezos’ Security Consultant and Involvement of Saudis

National Enquirer Denies the Claims of Bezos’ Security Consultant and Involvement of Saudis


The National Enquirer has denied accepting claims of Gavin De Becker, Bezos’ security consultant. As per Mr. de Becker, the Saudi government hacked Jeff Bezos’ phone to expose the billionaire’s affair to Lauren Sanchez. American Media Inc., the parent company of the National Enquirer, denied accepting claims from Gavin via Twitter. The Tabloid asserted the involvement of Michael, Sanchez’s brother, in the matter. The publication says no third-party is liable for its affair reporting. Bezos appointed the investigator to inquire how the data breach took place. Following the executives’ order, Mr. de Becker looked into the matter. He concluded the result in a Post at The Daily Beast.

As per Becker’s inquirers and various security experts, the Saudis had access to Bezos’ phone. Besides, the government retrieved personal information form the phone. Although, it was a type of opinion article. Thus he did not offer a strong proof supporting his claims against the Saudi government. Becker added that he has handover the findings to federal officials. But he denied revealing details of the inquiry going out of the ethics. Becker noted the current post as the last public statement on the matter. Maybe we won’t get any updates from the security consultant henceforth.

Mr. Becker mentioned it is unclear whether AMI, was aware of the particulars. On the other hand, AMI revealed about its dependence on only one source. The publication said they relied on Michal Sanchez for Bezos’ affair story. Whereas, de Becker states in the Daily Beast post that he and his team had a series of conversation with many people before reaching any conclusion. The list includes present and former AMI officers and sources, Middle East intelligence experts, Saudi whistleblowers, and objects. It also includes current and former consultants to President Trump among others. The claims arrive after two months after Bezos claimed the AMI, of approached extortion. At the time, Bezos published a lengthy post claiming the tabloid to publish intimate photos of him and Lauren Sanchez.

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