CloudFlare Will Add Free VPN Service to its App for Faster and More Private Internet

CloudFlare Will Add Free VPN Service to its App for Faster and More Private Internet


On the April fool day, Cloudflare reveals its newest announcement is the real one. The company has announced that it is appending a VPN to its DNS resolver app. Once again it’s not an April fool joke. Since its establishment, in 2010, Cloudflare has dedicated to developing a fast-speed internet. In a move to make the internet more modern, the company introduced a new service – Warp. The service emerged in mobile networks back in November. The service now intends to speed up mobile data speeds by using Cloudflare’s network to DNS queries. It anticipates solving those queries faster than that of the current cellular system.

Warp will try to redirect mobile traffic to make it quicker. Even more, it will encrypt traffic where probable for added security and privacy. So the new mobile VPN assures to secure users’ internet traffic while enhancing speed simultaneously. It is Cloudflare’s second service that offers services directly to the customers. Last year, the company introduced its DNS, The web security company’s new tool would provide a tool to hide web traffic arriving from the user’s phone with Warp, a new VPN. Warp intends to decrease data consumption by applying some cashing and compressing techniques on content where feasible.

Although, the company assures to maintain privacy along with existing privacy protections of Cloudflare also promises to secure browsing data from various marketing companies, advertisers, etc. So it would never sell user’s personal information with others. Warp is an open source service, and users can access it via the app. In the end, Warp, the new feature, is not available today. The company has initiated a waiting list where one can claim for the service, and get the new update. The excited users can give a try to the new service can download the latest version of the app from Google Play or App Store and join the waiting list. Cloudflare also declares a premium version of the service, Warp+. It will be accessible to users in the upcoming year at an affordable payment.

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