Twitter Will Allow Its Users to Request Violations Directly from The App

Twitter Will Allow Its Users to Request Violations Directly from The App


Twitter announced a new feature that will enable users to request directly in the Twitter app. A user can appeal a tweet that is breaching rules of the news and social networking service. On Tuesday, Twitter added a way through which users can request a company judgment from within the app. Earlier, the platform offered an online form via its Help Center, in order to submit an appeal. Filling online form, submitting it, and waiting for the judgement was a very lengthy and time-consuming procedure. But the new one assists the user to report and get faster results. Twitter states it is able to respond to user calls at a rapid pace.

Although, when users publish content in violation of Twitter’s guidelines, that tweet can be marked or reported. According to TechCrunch, the platform can dismiss an account for a series of activity. It includes spam, holding a fake account, offensive tweets or behavior. Accounts are also blocked if a user sends threats or imitate other accounts. Now instead of going to an online form, the user can claim the tweet in violation in the app itself. If Twitter found any tweet breach in its regulations, it will display that tweet including an explanation of the rule. Besides, Twitter will enclose a link to the policy which depicts the rule.

A user will receive abovementioned things in their app when Twitter finds a post which breaches its policy. Eventually, the user will have two options. Firstly, the user can remove the tweet that does not follow Twitter’s strategies. Secondly, they can appeal to the breach. If users select the requests process, they can clarify their side. It offers a text box appears on the screen, to do the same. Thus the user can add the case that the reviewers might have missed. On the one hand, Twitter appraises its new in-app appeal system would lessen the amount of time to respond to an appeal. On the other side, the process is not a quick one.

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